The global COVID-19 pandemic has ac­celerated the already existing trend towards remote work and blurred the lines between home and office. This develop­ment raises many questions regarding the future. What if most companies only had virtual office spaces instead of physical ones? How would this affect people‚Äôs social and work lives?

The Master thesis project Remote Futures aims to spark reflection on future work life by presenting multiple future scenarios of possible remote working realities.

The project will be exhibited at the upcoming exhibition The Future is Present at the Designmuseum Denmark, opening in 2022.

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More about the project

The project is created by Elena Bauer and Lunia D’Ambrosio and is part of a collab­oration between the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, the Designmuseum Denmark and the Strategic Design and Foresight studio Bespoke. For our work we were awarded the Royal Danish Academy's travel grant 2021.

The future scenario creation is inspired by the Futures Design framework developed by Bespoke.

Remote Futures was featured alongside other student projects on in July 2021.